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Cost to enter is $5 per person, which includes a hosted luncheon at derby weigh-in. Derby prizes will be awarded for largest fish ($20); second largest fish ($15); third largest fish ($10); fourth largest fish ($5). All prizes will be based on weight and a fisherman is only eligible for one prize.  Guests may be invited to participate and are required to pay derby fees. Points for “Fisherman-of-the-Year” and prizes will be awarded only to Jolly Hookers members.

The Derby schedule is here.


Non-Derby Outings (NDO)

The group also offers special non-derby outings to such places as Eagle Lake, Lake Topaz, Lake McCloud, and Shasta Lake. In the past, day outings to the ocean, Delta, and the Sacramento River have also been scheduled.

The schedule is here.

Special Outings

Fishing tournaments seem a little like playing tennis with living balls...

Fisherman of the Year

Fisherman-of-the-Year is determined by the total of points earned in one calendar year.  Points are awarded as follows:

A. Attending a  breakfast meeting  

B. Attending a derby                        

C. Derby host – one time only

D Catching heaviest fish in a derby      

E. Catching second heaviest fish in a derby

F. Catching third heaviest fish in a derby

1 point                    

1 point

5 points

5 points

4 points

3 points

Other Activities

We have an annual tackle auction, which is a major fundraiser for the club; monthly Ladies Night Out dinners; and a Ladies Night Christmas dinner.

We are looking for someone to coordinate these activities.

Cost to enter is $3 per person.  That total amount is awarded to the first, second, and third place fish (50%, 30%, 20%).  Total awards, therefore, are dependent on the number of persons attending the NDO.

The NDO schedule is here.


Beginning in 2015, we’re keeping track of the biggest fish caught in any of our official activities - derbies, NDOs, and special outings.

Policy regarding Derby and NDO Cancellations